Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pinetree Placemats

Hello everyone!

I am so excited!! Christmas is just around the corner and that means lots of family time and of course lots of decorating. I want to share with all of you during our lovely count down for Christmas, some adorable and easy projects! Like the Pinetree Placemats with Heartland fabrics and the good thing is that you can use these placemats for after the holidays! How cool?Alright ladies and gents, the instructions are below so have fun creating this beauty!

Fabric Quantities
1/2 yard of HRT-85301Fabric A
Fat Eight of HRT-85303 Fabric B
Fat Eight of HRT-85308 Fabric C
1/4 yard of batting

Cutting Instructions
Cut 2 (two) 10'' by 16'' of Fabric A
Cut 1 (one) 10'' by 16'' of batting

Step 1
Place one of the 10'' by 16'' piece of Fabric A, then the 10'' by 16'' of batting, and lastly the last piece of Fabric B. If desire, with an erasable pen draw diagonal guide lines for quilting 1/2'' apart.

Step 2
We are going to create the tree fuzzy cut trees from Fabric B. Cut three pieces, as shown below and use steam a seam to glue it to Fabric A

Step 3
Now that we have the three fussy cut trees ready, we have to iron press on the top of the 10'' by 16'' piece of Fabric A. In this project two fussy cut pieces are place at the bottom right side of the piece, and one on the top left corner. Once this is complete, we are ready to top stitch the lovely trees.

 Add the binding using Fabric C and you are done!

This project is so cute and super fast and fun to create! And you will have a lovely Christmas dinner table set. More projects are coming your way lovelies so make sure to check my social media outlets for more info!



Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Heartland Fabrics Giveaway!

Hello, hello!!

As you all read in my Instagram post I am hosting a GIVEAWAY because...well....why not? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I want to give thanks to all of you that are always there supporting me and my work. I am so happy with the great response that Heartland fabrics is receiving and seeing all the creating project with this collection in social media, place a big smile on my face. 

If you want to be the lucky winner, make sure to fill the form below! The giveaway will run for a week, I will be announcing the winner next Wednesday in Instagram. Good luck lovelies!

Giveaway Closed

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Pat B. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Haertland Blog Tour Recap

Hello everyone! 

I am so happy with the great response that the Heartland lookbook received, thank you so much to all the lovely makers that send me lovely comments about it. I want to also give a massive thanks to all the creative makers that were on The Heartland Blog Tour. You guys are so talented, I was overwhelm with all the creative projects that I saw in the blog tour☺☺

As you all know, we are in a video era ☺☺ so I put together this little video with all the amazing projects from the tour, enjoy everyone and I can't wait for my next call for makers, you guys rock!



Friday, October 14, 2016

The Heartland Fabrics LookBook is here!

I am so happy that the Heartland lookbook is out! I was waiting for it for the longest, but I am so thrilled with the result! The AGF team did an amazing job as always. For Heartland, my heart traveled to the inland forests throughout Scandinavia. There, my signature flowers have blossomed and are complemented with delicate homey designs in soothing colors.

Click here to take a Scandinavian journey into the Heartland LookBook, which is filled with countless projects for all of you to create and enjoy. I see some of you spending this upcoming weekend working creatively and what a better way than by making one of these projects. 

Lots of you have been asking me about my Trekanter quilt, and lovelies it is up and ready for purchase at my Crafty shop, click here to start making this beauty!

 My lookbook is filled with so many projects, I am so happy! I want to remake some of them in different color ways...can you imagine?! If it wasn't for Fall Quilt Market.....I would be glued to my sewing machine! Maybe I will make something fun and will share it with all of you in Social Media ☺

I find this picture so cozy, it makes me want to snuggle in those pillows and quilt, don't you? Click here if you want to make the Gladden Free Quilt Pattern!

I want to give thanks to the wonderful AGF team for creating this outstanding LookBook, and to all of you my lovely readers for the sweet comments about the LookBook and my collection. Your thoughts and comments truly puts a big smile on my face.


Pat B. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gådeå Tote Bag

Tutorial time,

So excited that the Heartland Fabrics lookbook is out and ready for all of you to enjoy! now it is time to show you the simple steps of creating the adorable Gådeå Tote Bag. Follow the steps below and have fun sewing, that's the most important instruction ☺

Fabric Quantities
1/2 yard of DEN-S-2006 TEMPLATE A
1/4 yard of DEN-OYD-6003 TEMPLATE B
1/2 yard of HRT-85304 TEMPLATE C
2 yards of DEN-S-2002 TEMPLATE D backing and straps.

Cutting Directions

Print out templates ABCD which are color coded for easier understanding (image below) and cut
DEN-S-2006 TEMPLATE A (Pages 1 2 3 4)
DEN-OYD-6003 TEMPLATE B (Pages 1 2)
HRT-85304 TEMPLATE C (Pages 1 2 3 4)
DEN-S-2002 TEMPLATE D (Pages 1 2 3 4)
Cut one 18'' by 18'' square of DEN-S-2002
Cut two 1'' 1/4 by 23'' 1/2 stripes of DEN-S-2002


Step 1- Creating the Frontal Panel
Sew together TEMPLATE A and B as explained below.

Now set aside, and take C and D and attach them together

Now, lets connect both pieces together and voila! We have our Frontal Panel completed!

Step 2- Backing a Frontal Panel Attachment  plus lining

Take the 18'' by 18'' square of DEN-S-2002 and attach it together with the frontal panel.

Step-3 Box Corner 
We want to box the interior corners to get a really nice flat bottom on the bag; this way the bag will have more body.Take the exterior of the bag (wrong side out) and pinch apart the two layers of the bag to get a little triangle on one corner. Flatten it down a little bit and make sure the top and bottom seams are lined up. Hold it tight. Place the bag flat on the table. Take the acrylic ruler with the 45° angle and lay it on the corner so that the 45° line is right on the edge of the triangle corner. We want to do a 4” gusset for this bag, so draw a line 4″ long (with the air-erasable marker) right across the bottom of the 45° corner. Stitch on top of the marked line. Trim excess fabric if desired, or leave it to add more body to the corner. Repeat these steps for the other bag corner and for both lining corners as well.

Step 4-Attaching the straps

Now take the 1'' 1/4 by 23'' 1/2 stripes of DEN-S-2002 . Fold it in half with right sides together and sew long sides.

Sew at 1/2". Turn right side out using a safety pin to inch your way through. Press flat

Press strap so the seam is in the back of your strap. Pin the ends of your straps 3 1/2" in from each side seam and stitch in place at 1/4". Next place exterior of bag inside lining making sure right sides are touching and that the straps are out of the way. Pin lining to the exterior of the bag and sew all the way around the top of your bag at 1/2" seam allowance. Pull exterior of bag through the unsewn portion in the lining. Handstitch or machine stitch unsewn portion.

And voila! You have the  Gådeå Tote Bag ready to use!!


Pat B