Monday, September 15, 2014

Surprise Giveaway!

Surprise, surprise Lovelies!
 As I promise, I am trying to be more active on my blog and because I love my readers so much I have a very special treat for all of you!! I am going to give you a chance to win one Fat Quarter Bundle from my Essentials collection with all 24 fabrics!...I am really exited to see your creativity and I wish all of you can win! but sadly there will be only one winner. 

I am super thrilled to do this giveaway and see the amazing projects the winner will create with my Essentials fabrics.

To Enter:

  1. Follow my Instagram page and regram the Essentials Giveaway post using #EssentialsCollection  
  2. For a second chance to win, follow my Facebook page and leave a comment of what you would make with the Essential collection. Also follow my Twitter account and retweet the Essentials Giveaway tweet.

The contest ends at 2PM EST on Friday, September 19

Good luck lovelies!


The Essentials Giveaway is Over

Thank you so much for participating! The  winner of one fat quarter bundle of Essentials is:


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From me with eLove! September 2014

Hello there! 

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!! September is here! as well as new stunning wallpapers for you to enjoy. I created this wallpaper with Beyond Bliss Ginger design from my Summer Love collection.  These floral prints capture beauty and innocence. Get swept away by this stunning print that you can see it everyday on your phone, tablet or desktop. 

with calendar
1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 | 2560×1440 | iPad

without calendar
1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 | 2560×1440 | iPad | iPhone | iPhone5 | Droid

Happy September!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book Review: A Quilter's Mixology

Hi Lovelies!

I am very delighted to share with you my dearest friend Angela Pingel’s new amazing book “A Quilter’s Mixology”. Her new book is filled with 16 beautiful projects using the Drunkard’s Path Block.

Angela will show you how this block can be assembled in different patterns that look different in every combination. As a die hard fan of piecing blocks with curved seams, it took no time to ask Angela if I could get a copy to review it and share thoughts my with you. I was absolutely delighted when I started going through all her projects featured in “A Quilter’s Mixology”.  Angela has a unique design aesthetic and cohesive approach on creating projects that will satisfy today’s sewers. I know Angela as a modern quilter so it is amazing how she uses this traditional block to reflect a more deconstructed, simple but elegant look!

She takes a straightforward and modern approach and her instructions are very easy to follow! To fulfill her innovative ideas and complete a fabulous project, she features AGF’s Oval Elements fabrics [Green Apple, Blue Lagoon, Saffron, Tangerine Tango, Mood Indigo and Cappuccino designs] in the most creative way paint slipping down the walls! 

If you are afraid of curved seams, think twice and see how easy she makes it I definitely recommend this book to all of you quilt lovers, you will absolutely love it! Thanks Angela, can’t wait to start sewing some of your gorgeous projects! For more innovative ideas, please follow Angela's lovely blog!


Monday, August 25, 2014

50 Things You Don't Know About Me

*As I am trying to update this new blog of mine, I'm bringing over a content I wrote previously on the Art Gallery Fabrics' blog. This post was written on December 30th, 2011. I think this post is interesting because it will give you bit of information about me. Hope you enjoy it! and I promise more new post later on. 



Today I'm joining the 50's club and I have a strange mix of feelings. I don't know what to think: if I am already old, if I'm still young --this thing they say that "these days 50's are the old 40's". You may have experienced it already.
Going over my life in my mind as a film rolls at the movies, I could see how many things I went through and how happy and grateful I am about everything I've achieved!
For this occasion thought that a blog post had to have something different about me. Told myself: "Pat, you better come out with something special to share"!
Hope you like it.
  1. I was born in Argentina, this same day 50 years ago
  2. I still feel like 25
  3. My parents divorced 26 years ago. I never saw my father again, so I don't know if he's still alive 
  4. My mother taught me how important is to love your family and your sewing machine. As I grew up I realized how right she was. She is 84 and lives with me as well as my only sister, the best one a person can have
  5. My father taught me how important is to love dogs. He also taught me to hunt. These days I love dogs but I hate hunting
  6. I moved to the US 22 years ago
  7. Never knew what a quilt was until I came to live here
  8. My original hair color is dark blond and now white hair is rampant, so I use extra light brown to color it
  9. I met my husband Walter when we were both 20 and we fell in love immediately
  10. Since then we are together for the good and the bad
  11. Always thought that I could not have found a better husband than him
  12. We got married at 23
  13. I still drool over him :-0
  14. My only son Alex is the best son a mother can have
  15. I suffer from Endometriosis
  16. So I had to have four years of treatments before I became pregnant 
  17. I lost one pregnancy before and another one after my son Alex
  18. He came to this world through C-section, because I didn't dilate more than 3 cm
  19. He had Wilms tumor when he was 9. After a year of chemotherapy the cancer disappeared
  20. I think I was born with a special gene in my body. The "sewing" gene. I sew since I can remember
  21. Also love to cook since I can remember. My first cooking book was a present from my mom for my 7th birthday
  22. My first year married I cooked 365 different meals for Walter. Bad thing. He gained 45 pounds
  23. I lived in 3 countries during a same year
  24. I am 5'4" tall and weight 138 pounds
  25. OK... I confess: I am a procrastinator! This thing of "Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today" doesn't go with me. I prefer to wait till tomorrow
  26. My family call me the handywoman of the house. I can paint walls as well as installing an entire tile floor on the kitchen or bathroom
  27. Many years ago I learned that for the chinese people roosters symbolize harmony in the family. I love them. That's why I began collecting many in all sizes and materials 
  28. Because I'm so fortunate in life, every day I wake up thinking how much good I can make to the people around me
  29. HATE to exercise. I'm a couch potato at heart 
  30. LOVE to read. I can lay down an entire day reading and having Dulce de Leche Häagen-Dazs 
  31. I am a perfume compulsive buyer. Never use the same fragrance everyday. For me, it's a mood thing
  32. My favorite color is... of course... PINK!!
  33. And my favorite flower a peony
  34. I am a history junkie. Favorite readings: royal biographies. More than 300 books on the subject are sitting on shelves at my house
  35. Still can't speak and write 100% perfect english; people say I do it very good. I don't know why but I feel embarrassed by that. I would love to speak more slang
  36. All my life I was an admirer of Coco Chanel, but if I have to confess, the designer that inspired me the most was and still is Kenzo. He changed my vision of fashion and printed fabrics forever...
  37. I could never get up early. It's a great effort to do it. It seems that my body clock did not come well set from the factory. My ideal day would begin if I wake up at 12 noon. At night I feel is the best time of the day. That's why I design complete collections at night. My senses awaken and the best of me comes alive --or this is what I think, 'cause everybody is sleeping and can't see it :)
  38. The first time I made a quilt 20 years ago I didn't have an absolute idea of what I was doing. Hell no! Everything I know today I learned myself. Trial and error were my friends
  39. Should I introduce you other friends I have: quilting books!. I learned so much from them
  40. I LOVE quilting, but never thought that would be that much and that I would become so obsessive about perfect piecing 
  41. I came to this industry hand painting fabric panels during my period of landscape quilter. Because I couldn't find specific colors in stores I decided to paint my own. All my quilting friends told me they would love to buy them at quilt shows. The first panel I sold at a quilt show in Dallas was "a moment I'd never forget". Selling panels to award-winner quilter David Tailor made me feel like I was in heaven
  42. Years ago, never thought that I was gonna design fabrics. Now I can't imagine my life without designing
  43. Neither that I was gonna work with my husband as my partner
  44. I have cried after working a lot of time on a collection and didn't come out the way I wanted
  45. I have pulled out the hair of my head too. Well... almost
  46. Is there a color freak? That's me! Thanks Pantone :)
  47. When I start designing, a color palette always comes first. That triggers a mood and... the name of the collection draws in my mind very vividly 
  48. For me, drawing was a long journey of personal evolution. Designing fabrics walk the same path
  49. One of the best designers and master of color for me is Kaffe Fassett. The first time I met Kaffe I couldn't believe my eyes! He came to my booth to shake my hand and congratulate me on my designs; I was sooo excited but he didn't realize that my knees were shaking too... 
  50. I LOVE to be connected with you in here. Many people say that a blog shouldn't be written only to expect comments. I don't think so. Every time I write a post I wait with excitement to read yours!

All my love,