Friday, June 17, 2016

Intentional Piecing Book Review

Hello, hello!!!

So happy to have time to sit down and blog, it's been a minute and this one is good! A while back, I received my dearest Amy Friend latest book, Intentional Piecing, and I couldn't put it down.What  I love about this book is the countless projects (with instructions and paper piecing templates) that features. I really liked the Tumble 'Round quilt that made a mini version of it, using Amy's method.

Paper piecing, as Amy states, is a conscious, deliberate process of fabric selection to suit a particular pattern design or aesthetic. Each choice is considered in order to find the best use for a special piece of fabric or fabrics that will highlight a pattern design. If you are afraid of working with stripes and directional prints, then forget about, because this book will guide you in everything there is to know about paper piecing.

I fond this book encouraging me to make thoughtful cuts from my fabric stash and also considering the inclusion of salvages, border prints and precise piecing for graphics which will lead to an amazing project. Oh lovelies, make sure to get your hands on this amazing book, by clicking here, and start making out of this world projects. Thank you so much Amy for giving me a copy of your book, I truly enjoyed reading it ♥♥♥


Pat B.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Spring Quilt Market Recap!

Hello lovelies!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since Quilt Market and I can finally say that I am...almost..done with all the post Quilt Market work. Meeting new people and seeing old acquaintances is one of the things I love about Quilt Market, and I got the chance to do that and more. In this quilt market I had the pleasure to showcased my upcoming collection Hearltand  and I am so thrilled with the great response it received from the show goers...Yey!!

I made so many projects for this collection, I remember staying up until 5 am and just getting a few hours of sleep, but I am so happy with the results and of course the projects that came out of my lack of sleep lol. Lots of people loved my booth and told me that they felt right at was very cozy ♥

This time around I decided to make cute little babies' clothes....aren't they the cutest?! I had a little impromptu rack filled with baby jackets, tops and dresses ♥♥

But what really had center stage on my booth was these three little cute plush animals...don't worry, patterns are coming soon....

As always I had a great time at market, and sadly the three days of fun ended leaving me a bit sad but happy to come back home and start working on future projects. Until next time Quilt Market......well until Houston that is!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

June Calendars are here!

Hello everyone!

This past month was so much fun as you all know. Spring Quilt Market was held in Salt Lake City Utah and I was so thrilled to be back in that wonderful city. Meeting new people at the show was amazing as always and I can 't wait for Houston. Later next week, I will be sharing my Quilt Market re-cap with other images that I didn't show before. 

I wanted to create June's wallpaper with now everyone's favorite "Hus Hoot Gra", everyone loved then specially on babies' clothes. (picture soon to come :D) and a little bit of Trekant Rows Candid.


Download your desire size on the links below.

with calendar
 1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 | 2560×1440 

without calendar
1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 | 2560×1440 | iPad | iPhone6 |iPhone6 Plus


Pat B,

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Minis Blog Tour Recap!

All good things come to an end, and the end of #TheMiniBlogTour has come leaving me with amazing minis and hoping I can repeat this again. I was so happy by the response the makers call received in Instagram. So many talented makers from around the world signed up and I was so overwhelm with the loved each and every single one of them gave me, so so happy. I knew, it was going to be an interesting three weeks full of talent and creativity, and indeed was. Each day, makers showcased their minis on their blog or Instagram (that's right, having a blog was not mandatory) and I was in awe with the projects shown! Here are some of the minis that took part on the tour...

Cat Noonan

Samantha Green

Faith Essenburg
Katie Skoog
Laura Piland

There where so many beautiful minis, that I was in awe every day during the length of the tour, again a big thanks to the wonderful and talented makers, you guys rock! If you missed some of the quilts, make sure to check the hashtag #TheMinsiBlogTour! Now, off to Quilt Market! I am so excited to be showcasing Heartland fabrics, and for you to see the cute little things I made for my booth ♥♥


Pat B.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Jetsetter Bags

Hello everyone!

The weekend is almost here and I have a weekend projects for all of you, The Jetsetter Bags! Quilt Market is just around the corner, and some of you are packing for Salt Lake City. So, these adorable little bags are perfect to organize and store your goodies when traveling.

Click here to get the full tutorial over We All Sew and happy sewing everyone, remember that on Monday I will be having The Minis Blog Tour Recap, so make sure to stay tuned!